Ancient Roman Antique


  • Intaglio Silver Seal Ring- Ancient -vintage-antique Roman Rare Natural Karnelian
  • Antique Georgian Gold Cased Ancient Roman Intaglio Seal Signet Ring
  • Ancient Roman Senatorial Gold Silver Intaglio Seal Gemstone Ring Depict Symbol
  • Gryphon Griffin Ancient Intaglio Silver Roman Ring Legionary Signet Seal
  • Ancient Gallo Roman Engraved Bronze / Brass Boar Wax Seal Stamp Ring
  • Ancient Medieval Heraldic Silver Seal Ring Circa 15th Century Ad (767)
  • Ancient Minoan Amethyst Amigdaloid Seal Mythological Creature
  • Ancient Rare Garnet Seal Intaglio 22k Karat Gold Wonderful Ring 4.4 Grams # 153
  • Rare Ancient Roman Gold And Garnet/citrine Intaglio Seal Ring
  • Extremely Rare Ancient Sasanian Gold Seal Ring With Gem Stone Ca 300-700 Ad-23c