Ancient Roman Antique


  • Ancient Gold Roman Two Twisted Earring Pendant, Dated 3rd 4th Century A. D
  • Antique 14k Gold Micro Mosaic Ancient Roman Ruins & Pillars Pendant Onyx & Beads
  • Zurqieh -b5a- Ancient Egypt, Roman Bronze Pendant Of Isis, 200 A. D
  • Antique Ancient Roman 22k Gold Bee Protection Charm Pendant 14k Gold Necklace
  • Antique Ancient Roman Carnelian Intaglio Masterpiece Gold Pendant Hand Engraved
  • Ancient Roman 4th C Ad Cross-bow Cross Bow Fibula Brooch Pendant Bronze Antique
  • Ancient Roman Glass Cameo Pendant Of Marcus Aurelius 161-180 Ad Stunning
  • Ancient Greek Gold Chicken Head Pendant, C. 3rd-2nd Century B. C
  • Stunning Large Ancient Roman Gold Intaglio Pendant Circa 2nd/4th Century Ad
  • Beautiful Ancient Roman Gold Pendant Necklace With Green And Blue Glass Beads
  • 0648. Ancient Roman Gold Lunar Pendant 1st, 3rd C. Ad
  • Museum Quality Ancient Greek 24c Gold Pendant Circa 300 Bc
  • Fabulous Ancient Roman Gold Luna Pendant 2nd Century Ad (092)
  • Ancient Gold Hallstatt Filigree Bead Pendant Circa Century 3-2 B. C
  • Ancient Roman Gold Decorated Amphora Pendant 100 Bc 200 Ad! Stunning
  • Ancient Roman Gold Decorated Pendant 100 Bc 200 Ad! Charming Piece Of History
  • Stunning Ancient Roman Gold Luna Pendant Necklace Circa 2nd Century Ad
  • Beautiful Ancient Roman Gold Necklace Quadriga Pendant 2nd Century Ad (025)